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Episode #1: Mediocrity is a bully

The Permission to Rock Podcast is for creatives, truth seekers, and born-to-be-leaders who want to
create the life & biz of their dreams beyond the realms of limitation.

Each episode is designed to help you clear the energy of limitation & get you attuned with your desires and what’s truly possible when you allow your unique genius, energy, potency and passion to freely create the reality of your choosing!

mediocrity-pexels-photo-47446How much is the fear of mediocrity impeding your growth, impact, and personal satisfaction as an entrepreneur? You might be surprised.

On today’s episode we’re going to take a look at the insidious ways that limiting energy shows up and run some energetic clearings in the mix to help you break free from it all—so you can rock your biz with more ease, flow and freedom.


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