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Client Raves


This woman knows how to transform your mindset, energy and reality!

When I began working with Diana I was quickly convinced that this woman knows how to transform your mindset, energy and reality!

My self-esteem was in the tank, I felt scattered in my life and business, my moods were often erratic and I felt lost.  Diana changed all that. My productivity and focus has now doubled and I have returned to my best self. No more confusion, overwhelm and frustration. Just clarity, conviction and a huge sense of relief.

Working with Diana has been a total success. If you are looking for someone to get you back into action, there is nobody I would even think to recommend other than her. Thank you Diana for everything you do!

~ Warren Broad, Canada, Creator of Recovery in the Now


Transformed 30 year old trauma patterns

After a traumatic brain injury in 2011, I couldn’t work and I had problems walking and moving the right side of my body. I couldn’t concentrate and I struggled with memory loss. It was awful. However, Diana helped me change ALL of that. I’m back at work full time, getting my Masters degree, and living a life of meaning and purpose!

An acute exposure to pesticides left me with a dramatic case of chemical sensitivity. I felt like invisible bugs were crawling all over me. I had nose bleeds, headaches, and trouble breathing. Diana shifted these symptoms quickly and effectively in a way that I never would have believed was possible—leaving me symptom free now.

Then at Christmas time while visiting my home town, an intense family trauma came up for me. I was a mess and all I wanted to do was get on the next flight out of there. But one session with Diana allowed for such a deep and powerful shift that transformed 30 year old trauma patterns AND allowed me to enjoy the rest of my Christmas stay. The shift was incredible!

Diana really is the queen for eliminating trauma, drama and chaos in my life!

~ Jeff Najarian, California, author of The Ninth Depth


Clarity and ease in my writing!

Working with Diana transformed my wanting to fix things for my kids, painful emotions still tied to my deceased parents, my relationship with my husband’s family after he passed away, and best of all my ability to have clarity and ease in my writing! Even my long time sciatica pain disappeared. And I now have a beautiful feeling of peace and all-is-right-with-my-world feeling. Diana will knock your socks off – and then float you into bliss. 

~ Barb Kitz, Ohio, author of Loving Your Cancer


My problem wasn’t needing to work harder

After my first session with Diana, I immediately received emails, phone calls, and project proposals for new business. You name it, and it was coming my way.

The very next day I ran into a nationally recognized celebrity. We exchanged some polite words, as well as social media posts; and when I got home, I discovered that said celebrity viewed my photography work and requested to set up an appointment with me.

Diana has helped me achieve improved success in my business and overall life. She helped me clear the path to my success, and to me that is something that has no price tag.

~ Rob Lucas, California, Photographer at


Launched a new business

Working with Diana, I experienced a variety of shifts and life realizations. In the weeks following our first session I brought in over $1,000 of unexpected money, found a living situation that better suited my desires, and launched a new business. Diana’s approach is no-bullshit and really gets to the root of the problem in the quickest way possible. I’m much more confident now that I have Diana in my corner!

~ Adele Wiejaczka, Alaska, founder of


Our dream home

My wife and I requested a showing for a house that I just knew was the house of our dreams!   We were crushed a few days later when we found out that it was already sold! So, Diana and I did some work around owning the home I wanted. Within two weeks the previous deal fell through, we made our offer, and got our dream home!

~ Robert Pedersen, Texas, Website Designer at


A truly amazing and liberating experience!

“Diana confidently guided me through a process that removed a deep block that has kept me from owning my full power and wisdom. Since then, I have felt my confidence, internal power and voice all grow, allowing me to more authentically communicate the value I have to offer in the work I am here to do in the world. A truly amazing and liberating experience!”

~ Nancy Monson, California, Wise Woman Mentor at


I haven’t had to use the asthma medications since

I came to Diana because of some long standing issues in my life, including the adult-onset asthma that had plagued me for over 30 yrs. After working with Diana, my breathing difficulty disappeared and I haven’t had to use the asthma medications since. Additionally, 99% of my other issues disappeared too. I feel so much lighter, freer and happier now. I highly recommend Diana for anyone who is looking to find and release the true origins of your blocks.

~ Barb Legan, Arizona


Her ability to see through my bullshit

Diana helped me clear a lot of past drama, guilt and tension pervading my life so I could joyfully progress in the here and now. I feel much lighter and able to move powerfully through my days without all that heaviness.  I truly value her guidance, her ability to see through my bullshit, and the powerful way she helps me discover solutions for my work and personal life.

If you want a coach who is 100% on your side, who has superpowers of divine guidance and who takes a stand for who you want to be in your life, I urge you to work with Diana.

~ Christine Syquia, California, Fashion Consultant at