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For over 18 years, Diana Bertoldo has been helping High Performers transcend their high stake challenges and demonstrate massive transformation in their life. This is not her first rodeo. And it’s impossible to be in her presence without feeling that at your core.

The Finer Details (no stranger to diversity, chaos, trauma or drama)
Diana doesn’t just coach on popular subjects or facilitate healing techniques she’s learned over the years from leaders in her industry. She pulls from her eclectic life experiences—from sales in the corporate fashion industry, raising the bar working on fundraising projects for the San Francisco Ballet, and contributing her mad-love-and-skill as a healer to HIV positive clients at the Boulder County AIDS Project in Colorado.

Straight out of college, she did a five year stint bartending (and sailing) in the Virgin Islands. Diana endured the forefront, the eye, aftermath, and recovery process of two large scale hurricanes. Safe to say, Diana knows a thing a two about the dynamics of trauma, drama and chaos.

She draws too from her experience as director of a 10-year-running wellness program for a German based technology company located in Boulder, Colorado (which felt a lot like a melting pot of the United Nations.) She learned some German, Thai, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese. And in a company with much diversity, she realized quickly that she had a true gift for igniting greater understanding, inclusivity and positive transformation within the personal and professional dynamics of the company as a whole, and on an individual basis.

That Rock-N-Roll Buddha Edge
Diana has an affinity for almost everything rock-n-roll. And she has a huge soft spot for the artists, out-of-the-box-thinkers-and-doers, visionaries and ceiling crushers who embrace their unique desires, talents and contributions; bleeding infinitely beautiful possibilities into the world. And her seemingly paradoxical rock-n-roll-Buddha edge is truly the combined force within her that makes her an extraordinary facilitator of transformation.