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Initiate the Burn

Got resistance? Let it burn right here! The following Activation is encoded for transmuting vibrational resistance &  purifying your Energy Field of the misaligned energies associated with experiencing yourself as anything less than limitless.

Just press play to receive this Activation now.


Allow yourself to vibrate with the frequency of these words…

Stand now before the fire of transmutation—
And into it
Toss all aspects of your existence fraught with the fixed scars of abandonment, disillusionment, self-neglect and regret
Activate your revival
And project that purification out into your world with such force and grace that it reaches the ends of the earth and beyond & you recognize no difference between you, the ends of the earth and beyond
Stand before the fire
It cannot give to you the harmonized version of what you do not give to it and so..
Give to it the entrapments of your longing and wanting–to-belong-ings until there is no grasping
Only receiving
And open
Open like you have never opened before
In this lifetime, past lifetimes, or future lifetimes…
Open like you mean it…
Vast and broad
Spreading &
Expanding in your openness
Purify to seed
Seed to harvest
You can only be as open to change as the code of limitations by which you live
You can only be as open to receiving your deepest desires as the code of limitations by which you live…
Take it all into the fire now…
Initiate the burn
to seed and harvest the highest version of your life and living now
Do it now
Breathe that in
Initiate the burn
And breathe out


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